Stay at home survival collection 👉

Stay At Home Survival Collection

Discover things that make staying at home a bit easier and save you money


Home Workouts

Stay in & stay fit for FREE

Beer Delivered

FREE case of beer / cider

Guided Meditation

FREE peace from mind

Recipe Boxes

Make meals from £0.75

Wine Delivered

Over £100 FREE wine

Prepared Meals

Simply heat n eat from £1.99/meal

Coffee Delivered

2x FREE 200g bags

Multivitamins Delivered

Get FREE vitamins worth £12.95


£10 off sourdough kits

On Demand TV

FREE trials on premium content

Online Poker

£60 FREE bonus cash

Music Streaming

FREE services and trials

Meal Replacements

Speedy, all natural from £1/meal

Fee Free Trading

Get 3x FREE shares worth up-to £230

Audio Books

150 days of FREE trials


FREE entertainment & education

Auto Invest

12 months FREE management

CBD Delivered

30% off natures mind & body aid

Online Wills

Protect loved ones from £14
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