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How to claim my free Approved Food discount code?

  1. To claim your discount code, click on the “Get it” button.
  2. On the Approved Food website, Sign in or Register and add your favorite products to your basket.
  3. Enjoy your free delivery on the first order.

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How can Approved Food help me?

If you are looking for a great deal while saving money and purchasing your favorite stock - Approved Food is the right place to visit. Their mission is to use all the good food and drink that has passed its ‘best before” date, or is near it, allowing the customers to make savings. Every year, over 7 million tonnes of food and drink is thrown away across the United Kingdom. Why throw it when it can be still perfectly fine to eat it? There are more than 2000 products on their website from a broad range including big brands, ex supermarket, and department store products, cupboard fillers, etc. A lot of food, drinks, gifts, and household accessories are part of the offer, so just go on and see what they can offer you today! There are also great discounts on pet food! And be sure, products that have passed their “use by” date are not being sold.

How much can I save when using Approved Food?

When shopping online, you get the chance to compare stock prices from different vendors, but with Approved Food, there is no need of comparing, when they already have your favorite food and drinks at the lowest prices, that is near or just passed its “best before” date. The regular customer of Approved Food, when shopping every month saves around £60 compared to high street prices. And, when you do the math, if you become their regular customer, you will save up to £700 per year, which is not bad at all. The stock is constantly changing and updating, so you will always have new products to choose from, and to buy at incredibly unbeatable prices. It is a great deal for both sides, they are making a clearance of food and drink, and you are getting great, still consumable products at low prices.

What kind of dietary categories do they have?

There are a lot of dietary categories, so you will find the one you need. In the Menu bar, just click on Dietary and see all the different choices, starting from protein and nutrition food, low carb, gluten-free, organic, vegan, vegetarian food. There is even dairy free food. Approved Food is just the right place for every customer!

Is there vegan food?

Yes, of course! There is a whole sub-category in the dietary category which is dedicated to vegan people. There are a lot of offers that you can choose from different brands like Organix, Nairns, Bioglan, USN, Pepsi. It is a great deal to continue being vegan while contributing to lower food throwing.

Is there a free delivery?

Yes. They have quick and easy online ordering with delivery direct to your door. Do not forget, with our special discount code you are getting free delivery on your first order! The delivery cost for each shopping box is £3.00 for England and Wales and each shopping box can contain a maximum of 25kg of shopping.

Is there a “refer a friend” program?

Yes. You can send your recommendations by email, social media, or by sharing your unique URL link with your friends. For every friend that joins Approved Food and places an order, you are getting up to £5 for future shopping. The credit varies depending on the orders that will be placed on Approved Food.

Other Sign Up Offers

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