Free money management apps + Sign up offers

If you have your money in various places or you want to see a clearer financial picture, try these money management services.


FREE service + £5 FREE after first spend

Simplify your finances with all your cards in one card, controlled by a neat app

  • Earn cashback at your choice of 3x retailers
  • Metal card with paid plan
  • Earn £5 for each friend you refer
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FREE service + £5 FREE cash when you sign up

Your AI pal that looks after your money. Budget, save and track your spending. Sign up in 2 minutes.

  • Get £5 each when you refer a friend
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FREE service

View all your accounts, track and budget, savings overview, reach goals and pay friends with one smart thinking money app

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FREE service + 10x FREE members shares

Staying on top of your money is easy with the UK´s best personal finance app

  • Get 10 more free shares for each friend you refer
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FREE service or 7 day FREE Emma Pro trial

Emma helps you in avoid overdrafts, find wasteful subscriptions and gives you the control you need over all your finances.

  • Refer friends and get free Emma Pro
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£5 FREE when you sign up

Track and manage your personal finance. Save and invest automatically. Pay with a smart Visa card.

  • Refer friends and get £5 for each sign up
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