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Wealthify is a robo-advisor that invests in ETFs to keep your investment management costs down. They offer low fees and the convenience of being able to invest on your phone or computer.


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Plum is a free and easy way to save money by giving you an idea of how much you should be saving each week. It links to your bank account, analyses your spending and transactions, works out the best amount to put away every week and gives you control over when it stops saving for good.


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Tickr is a social investing platform for everyone. It helps people find companies that are socially responsible and invest in them with the goal of increasing shareholder value while also supporting various causes.


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Nutmeg is an online investment platform that allows you to choose how and where your money should be invested. With Nutmeg, investors can select their desired asset classes and risk tolerance levels. They also have the option of taking on a professional portfolio manager to manage their investments for them.


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Wealthsimple is an online investment management service for millennials that lets you invest in the markets with simple, easy-to-use tools.

Oval Money

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Oval is a mobile app that's designed to help you save more money and make the most of your savings. It combines spending analysis, saving and investing in one easy-to-use white-and-green app. You can also set up recurring transfers from other apps like Venmo or Apple Pay into Oval Money so you don't miss out on a penny when it comes time to buy yourself something special!

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