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TIDAL offers a different listening experience to your favorite artists and tracks. With TIDAL, you can stream or download music without ads, skip as much as you want during playback, and be able to get rid of the songs that are on repeat.


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Spotify offers a wide range of premium subscription services, as well as ad-supported free service. They also offer new ways to discover and share music with friends in your social circles.


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Deezer is a streaming service that gives you unlimited access to the music you love. There are no ads, and there's an offline mode so you can listen when your data runs out. It also has features like a personal playlist, discovery playlists and it recommends songs based on what other people who have similar tastes have listened to in the past.

Amazon Music

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Amazon Music is the world's largest streaming service with over 20 million songs and millions of playlists. With Amazon Music, you can listen to music on-demand without ads or skips!

Apple Music

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Apple Music is a streaming service for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac computers. With Apple Music you can stream millions of songs from artists like Taylor Swift, Drake and Coldplay right to your device or computer. Plus if you're an artist on the platform you get paid royalties every time one of your songs is streamed

Hype Machine

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Hype Machine is a platform that aggregates music blogs to help you find the hottest tracks and hear what's new. It has created lists of popular songs, artists, and albums in various genres for years.


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BBC Sounds is a music streaming service that gives you unlimited access to your favorite radio stations, podcasts and music tracks. It's like Spotify but without the monthly subscription fees!


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TuneIn is a radio service for the world who deliver audio from over 60,000 live radio stations around the world to listeners on their smartphones and tablets. With TuneIn you can listen to what's happening in your city or any part of the world without even getting out of bed.


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SoundCloud is the world's largest audio platform with over 175 million monthly listeners. With a focus on discovery, SoundCloud offers free, unlimited music streaming to users worldwide.

Here are all the music streaming services available in the UK. They are either free services or offer free trials. If music be the food of love, play on!


Music discovery
One of the best features all of these services have is music discovery. It´s worth trying a few different platforms before settling, because nothing beats finding a new songs that really hit the spot.

Music + friends
All these platforms have useful social features. It can be worth seeing which ones your friends are on so that you can easily share playlists, favourites and obsessions!

Premium music services
They all offer free trials so have a go to see which best suits you. Keep an eye out for their family plans which means you can get up to 6 accounts for £14.99/mo. They almost all have a half price student discount too.

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