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Ambronite is a plant based meal shake that offers the perfect mix of taste, convenience and clean label. They are packed with real foods including vegetables, fruits, seeds and herbs. You won't feel hungry or have cravings like you would with other products because they're high in protein which satisfies your hunger without overloading on carbs and sugar.


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Huel is a plant-based meal replacement shake that helps you achieve your weight management goals. Huel has been clinically proven to reduce hunger and promote fat loss, with over 2 million healthy meals sold worldwide.


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Queal is a meal replacement product that offers complete nutrition in an easy to use and portable package. Queal helps busy people achieve their dietary goals by providing them with the perfect solution for every moment of the day.

Jake Food

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Jake is a food that's perfect for athletes, and people who want to maintain their health. It tastes great, it can be made into shakes or smoothies, you can even add it to your favorite foods!

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SATURO is a new brand of meal replacements that offer high quality ingredients and none of the guilt. They also have a lower cost, which means you can save money by switching to SATURO products instead of eating out.

Jimmy Joy

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Jimmy Joy is a new food company which offers complete, easy and affordable shakes and bars. We are low in sugar with 26 vitamins and minerals to help you stay healthy while on the go. They offer cost effective meal replacement products that will save you time and money without impacting the planet.


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Nuut is a plant-based meal replacement shake with 25% of your daily vitamins. They are vegan, gluten free and dairy free. It's the perfect way to reset your diet while you're stuck at home and have some time to kill. Order yours online now for multiple payment options including subscriptions!

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Convenient and balanced meal replacements that contain everything you need to fuel your day


Save time
When you´re unsure about what meal to make or you´re rushed for time, these meal replacements can be a great option, because they are either ready to eat, or simply need a shake. Plus with a long shelf life you can store some in your cupboard until needed.

Avoid bad choices
Most of these meal replacements are made from raw plant based ingredients meaning that they are much healthier than other quick meal options such as buttered toast, or cereals. Get your energy, lipids, carbohydrates, fibres and proteins without feeling guilty.

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