These are the terms and conditions that apply to all users of which is referred to as: “Site”, “Website” or “Newbiedeals / Newbie Deals”, all of which belong to Newbie Deals LTD (07989761), a company registered in the United Kingdom with registered offices in 10 Victoria Retreat, Cheltenham, GL50 2XP.
Since we can’t sit down with all of you, your use of our Website tells us you agree to these terms and conditions.

Our “Service” or “Services” – Newbie Deals is a website which aims to offer users savings from a wide range of goods, products and services using information provided through a variety of external “Third Parties” (Merchants / Retailers and their affiliates). As a sub Service, we provide opinions on various topics through Blogs, News feeds and various external sites e.g.
All “Content” (text, images, sounds, links or videos) found on the Site is copyright to Newbie Deals and/or selected Third Parties. You may not use the Site to create a database (electronic or otherwise) that includes material downloaded or obtained from Newbie Deals. Any transmitting, re-circulating, posting, distributing or modifying of any Content from Newbie Deals as your own is strictly prohibited.

You must be at least 18 years of age or be accessing the Site with the full consent of a parent or guardian.

We reserve the right to remove any individuals from the use of our services.


Whilst every effort is made on our part, Newbie Deals does not accept any responsibility for errors in any of the information or content we provide. It is the complete responsibility of the Newbie Deals visitor to check the terms of any provided information with Third Parties as their terms may change and as such, errors may occur on the Newbie Deals website. All Newbie Deals users should undertake their own research and be satisfied with their decision before agreeing any deal or purchase from the Third Parties.

Unless explicitly specified otherwise, the Third Parties are responsible for any special offers such as discounts, free gifts or cash-back. Newbie Deals is not liable for the failure of any Third Party to provide a discount, a deal, a saving, pay cash-back or to deliver a free gift with any specific products or services found on Newbie Deals.

Whilst effort has been taken to ensure that Newbie Deals is free from viruses, Newbie Deals gives no guarantee that it is free from viruses or other malicious software. You are responsible for ensuring that you have installed adequate protection software.

As a user you agree to any information you have entered into the Site being stored in a database. Newbie Deals webmaster, administrator and moderators cannot be held responsible for any hacking attempt that may lead to your information data being compromised.

Sometimes we need to update these terms and conditions. Please check the terms and conditions frequently as they may have changed since any previous visits to the Site. You agree that the latest updated terms and conditions apply.

These terms and conditions apply to the entire Content of the the website under the domain name, to any correspondence between you and us and to any news feeds or downloads, downloaded by you from, or sent to you by, the Site.

If you have any issues regarding the Site please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Content and Views

Reviews, ratings, blog posts and comments are the opinions of the respective contributors and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Newbie Deals.

By posting any Content or views on Newbie Deals, you agree to allow Newbie Deals to re-use the Content or views anywhere without notification.

Newbie Deals is not responsible for and disclaims all liability for user provided Content and views contributed anywhere on the Newbie Deals website.

Any references to external websites are beyond the control of Newbie Deals. As such Newbie Deals cannot be held responsible for any Content of such websites.

Newbie Deals will attempt to remove or edit any generally objectionable material as quickly as possible, it is impossible to review every message. Therefore you acknowledge that all posts made express the views and opinions of the author and not the administrators, moderators or webmaster or Newbie Deals and hence will not be held liable. Any opinions given by Newbie Deals should be used purely for informational purposes.

You agree not to post any spam messages, or use the Newbie Deals site for methods of non Newbie Deals consented advertising or marketing. User also agree not to post abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-oriented or any other material that may violate any applicable laws. Doing so may lead to you being immediately and permanently banned (and your service provider being informed). The IP address of all posts may be recorded to aid in enforcing these conditions. You agree that the webmaster, administrator and moderators of Newbie Deals have the right to remove, edit, move or close any post at any time should they see fit.

All Newbie Deals users agree that content posted to Newbie Deals will not defame, compromise the trade secrets or violate the copyright or other intellectual property rights of any third party. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold Newbie Deals harmless from any claims, losses or liabilities based on a violation of the foregoing representation.

Signing up to Newbie Deals

“Sign-up” or “Signing-up” to Newbie Deals is optional. Signing-up includes providing your e-mail anywhere on Newbie Deals or joining with us through any external websites such as See Privacy Policy below.

You may choose to opt out of the Newbie Deals mailing list at any time by contacting us and requesting removal.

Merchant / Retailer Deals

Discounts, savings, vouchers, voucher codes, coupons, deals are referred to in this ‘Terms and Conditions’ as “Deals” or “Deal”.

Deals listed on Newbie Deals are collected via various methods, not all Deals are added to Newbie Deals by the corresponding Third Parties.

Newbie Deals will ask Third Parties who have “Submitted” a Deal to check the Deal Content before the Deal goes live. After which point the Third Party is entirely responsible for that Content. Newbie Deals is not responsible for and disclaims all liability connected or associated with that Deal. If a Third Party does not provide images with their Deal, Newbie Deals will produce appropriate images.
Content within a Deal can be edited by the corresponding Third Parties or Newbie Deals at any time. Any edits to a Deal made by Newbie Deals will be confirmed with the corresponding Third Party before edits are made live. Ultimately, Third Parties have the final say in a Deal that represents their product or service, as such, they can ask Newbie Deals to edit the corresponding Deal content or remove the Deal at any time.

We may receive compensation from some retailers or Third Parties that we promote or partner. This may be by way of an affiliate agreement another agreed method.

Newbie Deals reserves the right to advertise any Deal by any means.

Privacy Policy

We care about and respect your privacy.

The information we gather helps us to improve the Sites experience for you and for others. This may include:

(a) Your views, comments or ratings on any page within the Site;
(b) and/or your images uploaded to the site, along with any information sent with it;
(c) and/or your e-mail address;
(d) and/or your full name;
We may use your personal information for the following purposes:
(a) to enable you to access and use Newbie Deals Services;
(b) and/or to personalise aspects of our overall Service to you;
(c) and/or to communicate with you;
(d) and/or to track and verify Deal transactions between you and Third Parties;

Passing on information about you

Please be aware that once you use any of the Services on the Newbie Deals website, you will be regarded as having given your consent to us disclosing your personal information to the following parties:

(a) third party providers whose products or services are listed on any page within our Website, for the purposes of verifying your military affiliation and providing you with a saving specific to that Third Party.
(b) other third parties either where necessary for those third parties to provide additional products or services requested by you or with your prior consent.

Please be aware that if you submit your e-mail via our ‘Sign Up’ form on Newbie Deals, you will be regarded as having given your consent to us providing you with information, offers and services that may be of interest to you. For example, we may e-mail you letting you know when new Services within Newbie Deals become available.

Please also be aware that if you submit your e-mail our ‘Sign Up’ form on Newbie Deals, you will also be regarded as having given your consent to us disclosing your personal information to other third parties who may also provide you with information, offers and services.

Please be aware that if you submit your contact details via our ‘Contact’ form, on Twitter, on Facebook, via email, via post to the registered address or by any other means, you will be regarded as having given your consent for us to contact you in connection with the subject addressed.

Please be aware that if you submit your contact details via our ‘Contact’ form, on Twitter, on Facebook, via email, via post to the registered address or by any other means, you will be regarded as having given your consent for us to disclose your personal information to relevant third parties in connection with the subject addressed.

You can ask us to stop passing your information to third parties for marketing purposes at any time, which we will do.

We may disclose information about you in connection with legal proceedings or potential legal proceedings or if otherwise permitted to do so by law.

Third party providers and data privacy

If you decide to enter into a contract with a Third Party provider through a channel on our website, the information you have given to us together with any further information supplied by you to the third party provider will be held by the provider for the purposes set out in that provider’s privacy policy. Therefore, you are strongly advised to read your chosen provider’s privacy policy and satisfy yourself as to the purposes for which the provider will use your personal information before entering into the contract. We have no responsibility for the uses to which a Third Party provider puts your personal information once you have contracted with that provider.


A cookie is a very small text file placed on your computer by a web browser, which has been sent by a web server. It is essentially an “identification card” relating to you. The main purpose of our cookies is to identify you when you visit our website. Each time your browser requests a web page from our server, the browser sends the information in the text file back to the server and lets the server know that you have returned to that web page. We use cookies to provide you with a better service tailored to suit you.

Cookies help you to save time. For example, if you enter any information into Newbie Deals, a cookie helps us to remember who you are and what your preferences are. Next time you return, we can fill in any questions that you have already answered. The more you tell us about yourself, the more we can help to find information or products you want.

If you do not accept incoming cookies then the performance of our website on your system will not be to full standard or our website may not serve at all.

Your Rights

You have certain rights under the Data Protection Act 1998. For example, we will always let you have a copy of all personal information we have about you should you request it. We may charge you a fee for a copy of such information

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