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Zeux is a new cryptocurrency app that simplifies the process of crypto trading and payments, which can help you save money. With the help of Zeux's unique features, users can spend their cryptocurrencies anywhere without having to convert them first.

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Monese is a debit card that lets you shop online, make in-store purchases and ATM withdrawals anywhere in the world. You can top up your Monese card at any time of day with cash or another card through the app to change personal information like bank account details and contactless payments.

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Monzo is a bank that makes life easier, not harder. They take the stress out of knowing how much you're spending on your Direct Debits and lets you know if they're higher for the upcoming month so no nasty surprises.

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With Revolut, you can manage your money with one app and enjoy a range of features like global ATM withdrawals, free international payments and low fees. With over three million customers around the world and counting, we have revolutionised banking for people who don't want to miss out on anything.

Starling Bank
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Starling Bank is a bank for the 21st century. They're modern, open and fair - providing excellent customer service at low cost, helping people to manage their money in an easy-to-use way and with better returns than traditional banks.

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Dozens is a free UK current account that helps you to build your savings and automatic money saving. Dozens is easy to use, understand and set up so that it can be integrated into your life with minimum hassle. It's got digital wallets for Apple Pay and Google Pay as well as support for direct debits which make it simple to save from the start.

Also known as challenger or neo banks, these UK current accounts are opened in minutes and run purely from on app on your mobile. They have a many useful features to help you with your everyday banking needs.


Switch service
Once you´ve decided which bank best suits you as your daily driver, take advantage of a switch service. This will seamlessly move you over from your ancient bank, meaning that you won´t miss any payments going to your old sort + account number and all standing orders and direct debits are transferred too. These switch services are typically found under settings or my account. 

Keeping multiple bank accounts?
If you´re planning on using multiple bank accounts, link their cards to your Apple or Google pay so that you can access them quickly from your mobile. It´s also worth checking out Curve which allows you to store all your debit and credit cards in one card, perfect living the thin wallet life!

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