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eOpticians are a retailer of contact lenses that sells online and through traditional stores. They sell to customers who use us to resupply their lenses, their group currently has over 100,000 customers across our many sites in the UK, Hungary, Serbia, France, Croatia, Romania Italy and Spain.


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Eyebou is a trusted brand of contact lenses for patients who want to be their own optometrist. They deliver the latest trends in lenses, colors and designs through an online marketplace which has made it easy for customers to buy contacts from top brands at competitive prices.

Hubble Contacts

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Hubble is the world's first FDA-approved contact lens that provides oxygen to your cornea. They are also more expensive than other options, but people need to understand what they are buying and for people who cannot afford expensive lenses to be able to access affordable options.

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What is a contact lens delivery?

A contact lens delivery is an easy way for you to get your contact lenses delivered to your doorstep, in a convenient letterbox-packaging, while also saving some money. Since all lenses are manufactured by the same few companies, you can find cheap contact lenses online, cut out a middle man, and slash costs by hundreds of pounds. As long as you stick to your prescription and do not skip any check-ups, buying contact lenses online is as safe as getting them from your local opticians. You will get identical lenses, made by the same manufacturer, with the same prescription but for a better price. And no more running to visit stores in their opening times. You can order your contact lenses anytime, from anywhere, and get them delivered to you. Some contact lens companies even offer free delivery on orders over a certain amount.

What should you look out for with a contact lens delivery deal? 

To order your contact lenses online, you should first know what you are looking for. When visiting your local opticians, ask them for a copy of your prescription (you have a legal right to do so). You can also find the parameters you need on the side of your contact lens box, or you can simply call your opticians and ask for your personal data. If you are not sure how to read your prescription, do not worry. Most sites will offer help for a better understanding of all the parameters you need to input, helping you purchase exactly the same contact lenses you always get. Check your prescription at several sites (Feel Good Contacts, eOpticians, Eyebou, Waldo, Hubble Contacts), to find the best deal.

Many opticians offer their own brand contact lenses but these are actually just rebranded and repackaged products from a few select manufacturers. With a little help from search engines, you will be able to figure out the real names for the opticians own brand contact lenses you used to buy. So even though the high street brand is on your prescription, you should know that contact lens online retailers can dispense the manufacturer's alternative. Of course, now, when you have the choice, you may also decide to try out other, cheaper brands. Even though you can independently make your own decisions, using the information you have, most contact lens suppliers will encourage responsible behaviour. If you are unhappy with your current brand, you should first visit your optician to help you find contact lenses more suitable for you. 

Most companies will also offer monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual plans. Buying in bulk will help you save even more (the more lenses you buy, a bigger discount you will get). You can update, pause, or cancel your plan online, as well.

When placing your order, you should also check if eye tests and contact lens aftercare are included or available at a better price than at your local opticians. Even if you pay for your check-ups and aftercare separately, the saving from the contact lenses will most likely outweigh this. 

Do I need to see an optician before getting contact lenses delivered? 

Even if you do not have to send or show a prescription when ordering your contact lenses online, you will still have to confirm that you are in legal possession of a valid prescription. The prescription you are using to place your order should not be older than 12 months. You may see an 'expiry' or 'validity' date on your prescription. This date is the date when you should have your next eye check-up.

You should also know that the prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses are not the same. So, if you already wear prescription glasses but are new to contact lenses, you should still visit your local opticians. They will help you select a contact lens brand and set your lens parameters. Even though buying in bulk is cheaper than a one-time purchase, you must first make sure you feel comfortable wearing your prescribed contact lenses before ordering more. It is up to you to be proactive about your eye health.

What parameters from your prescription do you need?

To find the parameter you need, use your prescription or the box of your contact lenses. Except for the Brand of your lenses, you will need parameters, such as Base Curve (BC), Diameter (DIA), and Power or Sphere (PWR / SPH/D), as well as some other parameters for toric, multifocal or bifocal lenses. Even though these parameters may be the same for both eyes, they will be written separately for each eye. In most cases, the same contact lens brand will be prescribed for both eyes but do not be surprised if the brand for each eye is different.

BC (Base Curve) - in millimetres, determines the back curvature of your contact lens so it meets the curve of your eye;
DIA (Diameter) - in millimetres, determines the size (width) of your contact lens so it fits your eye perfectly;
PWR / SPH/D (Power or Sphere) - shows whether you are long-sighted (your diopter begins with a plus sign) or short-sighted (your diopter begins with a minus sign), and how much visual correction your eyes need (the stronger correction you need, the higher the power will be).

If you have astigmatism ('toric lenses'), you will also need a Cylinder (CYL) and Axis (AX) value. If you need correction for presbyopia ('multifocal or bifocal lenses'), on your prescription you will see the Addition (ADD) and Dominant figures (usually, 'D' for the dominant eye and 'N' for the non-dominant eye). 

Are free trials available with a contact lens delivery? 

Yes, some companies will offer free trials when ordering your contact lenses online. However, you will still have to pay for the delivery. Wearing trial lenses for a few days will help you get used to the lenses before ordering more. 

Waldo will send you 10 pairs of their Original contact lenses, free of charge, all you have to pay is £2.50 for the delivery. Take the quiz at Hubble website and get a box with 15 pairs of Hubble Lenses for only £1. Your box will arrive in 5-8 business days. Eyebou will also give you a great deal on your first box. You will get 10 pairs of Clear Contact lenses for just £3.95. You can expect your order to arrive within 5-10 working days.

Is there anything else you should get with your contact lenses?

Your contact lenses will arrive in their own case. The contact lens case should be replaced every 3 months. You can choose one of the multi-purpose solutions, you can use for both cleaning and storing your lenses. However, you can also clean and store your lenses separately, with two different products. For cleaning, you should buy a hydrogen peroxide solution, and for rinsing a saline solution. Rigid and gas permeable lenses cannot be cleaned with these products and will need a specific type of solutions. If your contact lenses are causing you dry eyes, you can try one of the available eye drops. It will help you soothe and lubricate dry eyes.

What contact lens delivery deals are available at Newbie Deals?

We have collected all of these contact lenses delivery services and their offers for new customers into one place so you can check them out and find the one that suits you. Order contact lenses online, enjoy a contact lens free trial, as well as discounts available only to those ordering for the first time.

Waldo offers a fully flexible subscription and bulk buying options, as well as free UK delivery. Hubble Contacts works with St. Shine, to design and manufacture high-quality lenses that will guarantee you all-day comfort and clear vision. Both its lens packs and boxes are 100% recyclable. Eyebou was established by a family of optometrists who believed that everyone should have access to affordable, convenient, and high-quality eyecare. Feel Good Contacts is one of the largest contact lenses online suppliers that stocks a wide range of contact lenses brands, as well as solutions, eye care essentials, glasses, and sunglasses. eOpticians is another contact lenses provider that offers an extensive range of top brand contact lenses, solutions, and eye drops at unbeatable prices.

What are the best-rated contact lens delivery services available at Newbie Deals?

According to the customer reviews on Trustpilot, the UK's favourite contact lenses delivery services are Feel Good Contacts, Waldo Daily Contact Lenses, and Eyebou (Visioneboutique). With over 36,000 customer reviews, Feel Good Contacts has a TrustScore of 4.9/5 stars. Waldo and Eyebou have less reviews and a little lower rating, 4.6/5 stars. Still, each of these companies is rated as excellent and would make a great choice when looking for high-quality yet cheap contact lenses online. 'Always quality products and a very efficient delivery system', 'Most comfortable lenses on the market A+', and 'Customer service is always wonderful…' are just some of the reviews you can find on their Trustpilot profiles. Check out each of these companies, until you find the contact lenses delivery service that suits your needs. And do not forget to use their offers available for new customers! This way, not only you will get a great product and service but you will save some money, as well!

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