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Chip is a personal finance app that helps you manage your money and keep track of your spending. They also offer a free service to set up an account for new customers, so they can get started quickly.


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Cleo is a chatbot that can be used for managing your finances. It's an AI-powered chatbot with one main goal: to make you happier with your money.


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Moneybox takes your money and invests it automatically. The app takes a little bit of the money out of your bank account or credit card each day, then invests it in tracker funds.

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Monzo is a bank that makes life easier, not harder. They've got easy-to-use banking that doesn't require endless jargon or complicated forms to understand and can help you make sense of your finances in just minutes with our clever app - it's no wonder Monzo has been named 'Best New Bank' by The Independent

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Dozens is a current account which offers you an alternative to the traditional high-street bank. It's different from most banks in that it doesn't have any sort of deposit or overdraft limit, so if you want to save money for something specific, you can do that without putting yourself into debt.

These services all have features that help you intelligently save your money without lifting a finger!

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