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Let's get boozy with discounts on your favourite alcoholic beverages including beer, cider, wine and spirits

Can you get alcohol for free?

You may not be able to get alcohol for free but with our amazing alcohol deals for new customers, you will get cheap alcohol delivered right to your door while making some amazing savings. And pay attention to the brands offering extras such as glasses, artisan snacks, or magazines (Beer 52, Flavourly, To Øl Beer (only for Gold members), and Laithwaite's Wine).

What type of alcohol deals are available for new customers? 

With our alcohol deals for new customers, not only you will get your alcohol delivered right to your door but you will get a chance to discover some new drinks while also saving some bucks. We have collected all of these beer and cider delivery offers for new customers, as well as wine delivery sign up offers, so you can take a look and try the ones that suit you. 

Beer 52 offers a case with 8 beers, some snacks, and a magazine (you should only pay for the pp), while Flavourly offers 20x beers, as well as two free tasting glasses, artisan snacks, and a craft beer magazine, new Beer Hawk and To Øl Beer customers will get their first box half price, and if you use our UberEats referral code you will get a discount on your first order. 

Most of these delivery services (Adnams, Skinny Booze, Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and 31Dover) also deliver wine. There are also Laithwaite's Wine, Tannico, and Naked Wines that offer just wine. Laithwaite's Wine has an amazing offer for new customers - not only you will get a discount on your first wine case, but you will also get 6 free crystal glasses. When you sign up to Tannico, you will receive a discount code via email. You can use this code to get a discount on your first order, and when you take a 2-minute quiz (3 easy questions) on Naked Wines' website, you will get yourself some free wine, valid when ordering for the first time.

Are there any age restrictions with alcohol deals?

When entering a website or placing your order, you may be asked to confirm that you are 18 years or older. Once your order arrives, you will most likely be asked for an ID and a signature so make sure you are not away at the time of the delivery since some delivery services will not leave your order at a safe space or at your neighbour's house.

When might I use alcohol delivery services?

Some beer and wine delivery services specialize in discovery, offering beer or wine subscriptions that will help you keep your fridge and bar cart stocked regularly while others feature same-day delivery, perfect for when you are craving that bottle of craft beer or any other alcoholic drink you prefer. Ordering alcohol online is also a great option when you need to stock up for a party and do not have that much time to run to the store and search for the best deals. Online delivery services usually have a much diverse offer than local supermarkets, making them a perfect solution when you want to send an alcoholic drink as a gift. 

Can you buy alcohol as a gift? 

You can buy alcohol as a gift and send your friends and family members their favourite drink for their birthday, housewarming party, or any other occasion. Even though you should pay the most attention to the personal taste preferences of the person being gifted, there are some general tips when it comes to whether it is or is not appropriate to gift alcohol, what to look for, and how to present it. You should also note that even though you are the one purchasing alcohol, the recipient must be at least 18 years old since the courier will ask for an ID and a signature. When placing your order, just select the 'gift' checkbox, enter the recipient's address, as well as a gift note if you would want to include it with your order. If you have the option to choose between recipient scheduled vs. surprise gift, bear in mind that if the recipient is not present when the gift arrives, you might be charged a redelivery or restocking fee.

Why should you join a beer or wine club?

If you enjoy a good bottle of beer or wine then and there, you might think about joining a beer or wine club. It is not just about discounts and cheap alcohol but much more. 

Unlike beer or wine clubs of the past, modern subscription services are run by sommeliers, as well as other knowledgeable and trained staff members. The focus is not anymore on the lower-quality and cheap alcohol (although there is nothing wrong with that if you are just a casual drinker looking for some budget-friendly options). But if you enjoy a bottle of good craft beer or high-quality rare wine from another part of the world, you should opt for beer or wine clubs with a more rigorous bottle selection process. Thanks to these subscription services, you will get early or exclusive access to some limited releases and rarities. Some clubs even offer blind tasting. They will send you some bottles wrapped in black tissue paper with the instructions on how you should taste them.

You might also be interested in brewery or winery tours, as well as some special events and gatherings organised just for club members. This is an amazing opportunity to learn more about beer or wine and meet some new friends with whom you can share your passion for a great bottle of beer or wine, as well as to find new favourites to add to your collection.

What beer or wine clubs are there?

Beer 52 features a craft beer discovery club you can join for just £24 a month (for 8 beers). Each month, you will get beers from a new country, depending on the monthly theme. Once you have tasted your beers, you can leave a review and rate them, which will earn you points and rewards. The same goes for Flavourly - for only £19.90 you will get 8 incredible, small-batch craft beers, some snacks, and a Flavourly magazine with tasting notes, articles about breweries, as well as delicious recipes and more. BeerBods is a beer club by BeerHawk. Every 8 weeks you will receive 8 beers for £24. Each Thursday, you will receive an email with the story behind that week's beer. All of the subscribers taste the same beer each week and can join a live tasting every Thursday at 9 pm. You can also join the BrewDog community, helping you keep up with the latest BrewDog news and discover events near you. There is also a BrewDog Network, where you can watch hours of craft beer and drinks content. When joining the To Øl’s monthly beer club, you can choose between two membership levels - Gold or Silver, each with its own benefits. Honest Brew offers a no-commitment membership. Join free of charge and get access to member exclusives as well as some great deals and discounts.

To join over 100,000 UK wine lovers who benefit from the Laithwaite’s wine plan, you should simply select your first case (choose between Season's Favourites, reds, or whites) and you can enjoy a guaranteed delivery every 12 weeks. And if you join the Tannico wine lovers' club, you will get a chance to discover its exclusive members-only deals and get discounts on some of the best Italian wines. Naked Wines gives you an opportunity to support independent winemakers. To become a Naked Wines Angel, you should simply invest from £20 a month into your account, spend them on any of the wines available, and every time you order, you will save up to 33%. Each month, you will also get a free premium bottle (if you order a case), as well as access to exclusive wines.

Unlike other alcohol delivery services, Adnams does not have a beer or wine club you can join but it hosts a wide range of events and experiences, such as brewery and distillery tours, 'make your own gin' workshop, beach cleans, Adnams 10k run, and many others.

Which are the best-rated alcohol delivery services?

When it comes to beer, the best-rated alcohol delivery service is HonestBrew with over 4,500 customer reviews on Trustpilot and a TrustScore of 4.8/5 stars. It is followed by Flavourly (over 3,000 customer reviews), Skinny Booze (400 customer reviews), and a To Øl Beer (150 customer reviews), all with a TrustScore of 4.7/5 stars. You can also find some reviews on Feefo, where the best-rated is Beer Hawk with nearly 12,000 customer reviews over the past year and a customer experience rating of 4.8/5. And if you are looking for the best-rated wine delivery service, that is definitely Laithwaite's Wine with nearly 37,000 customer reviews on Trustpilot and a TrustScore of 4.8/5 stars. Take a look at the reviews, select the alcohol delivery service that suits you, and see why these are the best-rated services! And do not forget to leave a review once you try the service - it will benefit both the company and the future customers having the same doubts you might have now.