Octopus Energy
Octopus Energy

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Affordable renewable energy

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Octopus Energy is the only energy supplier to be recommended by Which? year after year. Octopus has the best customer service and lowest prices, and uses green energy from solar generation in the UK.

Bulb Energy
Bulb Energy

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100% renewable electricity & 100% carbon neutral gas
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Bulb Energy is a new UK company with a low carbon, 100% renewable energy supply for domestic properties. They offer competitive prices and have an innovative variable tariff which allows customers to see how much they are saving each month.

Ovo Energy
Ovo Energy

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Zero carbon energy
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OVO Energy is a UK energy supplier with an objective to make energy better. Started in 2009, OVO has grown into the fifth-largest gas and electricity provider in the country. The company strives to provide customers with great service, clear information, and honesty while also helping them reduce their carbon footprint.

What is Green Energy?

Green energy, or renewable energy, is any form of electricity that comes from natural resources such as sunlight and wind. Green power sources do not emit harmful pollutants into the air and are thus considered environmentally friendly. In contrast to fossil fuels like coal, which release carbon dioxide when burned for fuel, green power produces no emissions at all. The term "green" refers to plants or plant-derived materials used in the process of generating electric power. 


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