Bulb Energy

How to claim my Bulb Energy referral link?

  1. To claim your referral link, click on “Get it”.
  2. On the Bulb Energy website, write your postcode, and click on “Start quote”.
  3. Answer the following questions, regarding your house/flat and the type of energy you use.
  4. Join Bulb and enjoy your free credit of £50, no discount code necessary.

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How does Bulb Energy help me to save money?

Bulb Energy is a very famous business between the energy industry, and its mission is to make renewable energy affordable for every house, or company across the UK. They have one of the cheapest green energy tariffs so probably that is the reason why they have more than 1.5 million customers until now. They are contributing to nature by making green energy cheaper and simpler.
When you are signing up on Bulb, you should answer a few questions about your living space, what type of electricity do you use, are you using the option for paying monthly or pay as you go, etc. Based on your information, Bulb Energy would suggest you a tariff rate that would be the most convenient for you, while making a comparison between the budget that you were spending on your most common supplier and the monthly savings you would get when using Bulb services. They will give you £50 if you bring your electricity and gas over to them, or £25 if you just switch electricity or gas. It is a really great way of finding out what best suits you, and how much you would save using the Bulb’s energy.

Is Bulb the right supplier for me? 

Being of the top energy suppliers, Bulb Energy is offering very good customer support service. If you have any problem, you can write them an email and they will answer the ticket very soon. Also, you can call them on phone support, which they answer within 27 seconds on average. There is just one tariff, the vari-fair for both dual-fuel and electricity-only customers, but the price would fluctuate throughout the year, in line with the wholesale energy market prices. You will receive your energy bills via email.

Is there a Bulb Energy app?

Yes, there is an app available for download on iOS and Android stores. You can use the application if you want to submit meter readings with your phone’s camera, share a referral link with your friends, or download past statements.

Do they have a “refer a friend” program?

There is an option for referring a friend when using Bulb green energy. If you are already enjoying their services, and you have switched your gas and/or electricity to Bulb, then you can share the referral link to your friend, and you both would get £50 extra credit if he/she switches to Bulb Energy. 

What are some alternatives to Bulb Energy?

If you did not like the Bulb Energy tariff and model of working, then you should read about Octopus Energy or OVO Energy. Octopus Energy is also a UK-based retail electricity and gas supplier, which is specialized in producing sustainable energy. It also has great customer service with a few tariffs that you can choose from. OVO Energy is also offering 100% renewable electricity while contributing to zero carbon and restoring nature.

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