How to claim my GoHenry promo code?

  1. To claim your promo code, click on “Get it”.
  2. On the GoHenry website click on “Start Free Trial”
  3. Fill in your information.
  4. Enjoy your 2 months free trial and custom card.

How does GoHenry help me or my child?

GoHenry is a popular pocket money application that is used for managing finance for kids. As a parent, you can transfer pocket money to your kids on their GoHenry visa prepaid card which can be used by them, to buy something online, in-store, or to withdraw cash from ATMs. You have access to their money through the GoHenry application, so you can monitor their spending transactions, financial habits, and set up limits for them. In other words, your kids can only spend the amount of money that is already on the card, and you are not in danger of debt or overdrawn accounts. It is very useful for your kids to create responsible spending habits, while they are young. Parents can also put restrictions on the places the children may use their debit cards.

Is there a free trial before I start using the paid version of GoHenry app?

Yes, there is a one-month free trial, but with our special promo code, you can get a 2 months free trial, plus a custom card. The free trial lets you enjoy the features of full membership, and it is a great way to find out if GoHenry is the right choice for your needs. If you do not like GoHenry features, you can cancel anytime. But, if you like it, your membership fee for the next month, will be taken from your parent balance account.

What is the free GoHenry custom card?

A custom card is exactly that. It is uniquely made for your child. You can add their name, choose a picture or a pattern for it, and even pick a color to make it even more interesting and personalized their learning path about money. All of the cards come with parental controls, and you can set up limits, transfer pocket money to their account, or just control their purchases. Custom cards typically cost £4.99.

How much is the GoHenry membership fee?

GoHenry comes with a subscription service with a monthly membership fee of £2.99 per child. With your membership fee, you will get a free standard card, free parental control, and access to your child account, free transactions, or withdrawals from ATMs.

Does GoHenry have a “refer a friend” program?

There is an option for a GoHenry relative account. This relative account allows family or friends to transfer money to your child’s GoHenry account. It can be used for special occasions, birthday gifts, or just to motivate your kids to continue with their reasonable spending. You can invite your friends or family through your parent account.

Other Sign Up Offers

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