Safe Jawz

How to claim SafeJawz discount code

  • First, copy SafeJawz discount code
  • Proceed to the SafeJawz website, select your self-fit or custom mouthguard.
  • Create an account or log in to your existing account
  • Apply the discount code at the checkout
  • Complete your order by choosing the preferred payment method.

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About SafeJawz

SafeJawz develops and delivers the most advanced mouthguard in the world of contact sports. The brand, which has revolutionized sports dental protection, prides itself in serving athletes with hand-made dentist boil and bite guards. You can choose between self-fit, custom, or design your mouthguards to fit your needs. The brand’s long history of making mouthguards ensures their self-fit (one-size-fits-all) mouthguards are of a perfect-fit range, comfortable, and offer unbeatable protection. Their custom mouthguards are designed to ensure you get gum shields that fit your dental impression. If you wish to add more personality to your mouthguards, you can do so by designing-your-own mouthguard offering.

SafeJawz is founded by athletes, meaning its products are packed with game-changing features that offer dental protection from injury. Don’t let your game be interrupted by an emergency to the dentist. Check SafeJawz website for the most popular ranges of mouthguards. 

SafeJawz FAQs

Can I wear SafeJawz mouthguards with braces?

Absolutely! SafeJawz mouthguards are suitable to wear with braces. SafeJawz mouthguards offer some of the most advanced gum shields offering full protection to your upper bracket, lower bracket (if you wear one), lips, and inner cheeks. 

Why should I opt for SafeJawz custom mouthguards?

Regardless of the sport you play, the level you play at, or the frequency of the game, you need a mouthguard that fits properly. Custom gum shields, handmade by our dental technicians, will offer a perfect fit to your dental impression keeping you safe and comfortable in a game.

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