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How to claim my free SimplyCook discount code

  1. To claim your discount code, click “Get Code”.
  2. Copy the code shown
  3. Tap 'Continue to Simply Cook'
  4. Open the navigation bar and select the “Products” menu
  5. Add your favourite recipes and click “Select”.
  6. In the field “Order Summary” click on the option “Got a voucher?”
  7. Enter your discount code and click on “Apply Code”
  8. Fill in your email address, first name, last name, and click on “Continue”.
  9. Put in all of the Shipping and Billing information to place your order.
Simply Cook Trial Order

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Do SimplyCook have vegetarian options?

Of course, they have! When choosing your box, in the Menu bar, just select the option “Vegetarian”. They are trying to meet the demands of all consumers, and many of them are vegetarians. Tending to fulfill the requirements of this category of consumers, Simply Cook has 11 uniquely prepared trial box recipes for vegetarians, and after your trial is finished you get to choose from a range of 45 vegetarian recipes!

Simply Cook Vegetarian

Are they offering gluten-free options?

Simply Cook is designed to ease your life and facilitate the whole habit of cooking. And it would be ungrateful if they exclude people that have problems with gluten. That’s why there are over 65 gluten-free recipes that can help you to easily make a dish without doubting if the ingredients included are gluten-free or not.

Simply Cook Gluten Free

What would compliment a SimplyCook meal?

What is a good meal without a glass of wine or a big mug of beer?
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Do they have a send a gift program?

Yes. If your friend is a well known “foodie”, then you can surprise him/her and buy them the tastiest present that they will ever try. You can order a box full of stocks, spices, rubs, and pastes and by following the recipes with fresh food, your friends can make them an easily prepared and delicious meal. You can also customize the recipe box, and you can choose how many months they would receive your gift. It would be a gift worth remembering!

Simply Cook Gifts

During the trial period, you can also get your first 4 recipes for just £3 and save 70%. And, if you are not sure if you want to continue receiving recipe boxes, you can cancel the subscription anytime you want, there are not any commitments and you won’t be charged.

Other Sign Up Offers

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