How to claim my 30-day free trial on Audible?

  1. To claim your 30-day free trial, click on the “Get it” button.
  2. On the Amazon website, click on “Start your free trial”.
  3. Enjoy your 30 days free trial with the best platform.

Is Audible worth having?

If you are a passionate listener to audiobooks and podcasts, you should definitely try Audible! It does not matter if you are looking to educate yourself, to have fun, and listen to podcasts just for entertainment - there is a huge choice on Audible. You can purchase and stream audiobooks, podcasts, or other spoken content. There are a lot of books and podcasts to awake or inspire your true passion. Audible is the largest audiobook producer and retailer, so why not try the 30 days free trial period and enjoy all the benefits? You will get an email-friendly notification before the end of your free trial, just to be reminded in case you do not want to proceed with a subscription.

Is there a free version of Audible?

No. There is no free version of Audible, but you can use our special offer and get a 30 days free trial so you get the chance to claim one free audiobook. You will also get access to the Audible Plus Catalog of audiobooks, podcasts, guided wellness, and Audible Originals. You can listen to all of them without any credits required.

How much is the subscription cost for Audible?

If your free trial period is finished, and you liked the Audible services - you should do nothing, and the cost for continuing will be $14.95 a month for a Premium Plus plan, or after 30 days, if you decide to continue with the Plus plan, it will be $7.95 a month. You can pause or cancel the subscription anytime you want. It is a risk-free plan in which you can keep anything you download. Audible Plus is offering unlimited listening from the Audible Plus Catalog of selected audiobooks and podcasts, and Audible Premium Plus is offering to listen to the selected audiobooks and podcasts, plus premium selection credits. With Audible Premium Plus, you will also get access to use special discounts and deals for up to 30% off all additional premium selected titles. 

Is Audible free with Prime?

No. Audible is not free with Amazon Prime, however, it is often associated with it. If you are a prime member, you will get a certain number of selected audiobooks that would be free for you, but you should have an Audible subscription for listening more. Also, if you are a prime member and you start the free trial of 30 days, you will get 2 credits that you can use for any premium selection titles you want. 

Is there an Audible app?

Yes! If you already started using Audible, you should download the free Audible app and start listening all across your devices. With the app, Audible will become a part of your daily listening routine. You can listen to many podcasts, audio contents, audiobooks, and many more, on any Alexa device, compatible Fire TV, Android, and iOS devices, or on your Windows pc. 

Other Sign Up Offers

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