How to claim my free BrewDog discount code

  1. To claim your discount code, click “Get Code”
  2. Copy the code shown
  3. Tap “Continue to BrewDog”
  4. Create an account before shopping to get the discount
  5. In the navigation bar, select the “Beer” menu
  6. Choose your favorite beers and click on “Shop now” to add them to your basket
  7. Click on the cart logo in the right upper angle
  8. Fill in your delivery and payment information to complete your order.

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Are there low and no alcohol BrewDog beers?

Yes, they have also opened an alcohol-free beer bar. At the beginning of 2020, they started the celebration of alcohol-free BrewDog beers. Their mission is to show the world that alcohol-free doesn’t mean compromising the beer quality and taste. For the lovers of nonalcoholic drinks, they even had unlimited refills of any draft alcohol-free beer to show their respect for this type of beer lover. So, you can definitely be sure that the low and no alcohol beers are made with the same attention as the alcoholic beers.

Is there a free delivery service?

There is free delivery when you fill a box. The delivery boxes have 24 slots and can fit up to
48 x cans or 24 x bottles from any size. If you fill at least 23 out of 24 slots then you'll get free delivery on your entire order. Do not forget that BrewDog is also shipping ciders, hard seltzers, and low alcohol drinks. 

Do they have a send a gift program?

Yes, there is an online shop gift card. You can choose the amount of money that could be spent on this gift, add the recipient name, and write a personalized message exclusively for the person. 
If you are part of the Equity Punk community, you also get a birthday gift which is an extra 5% discount to use on your birthday order, plus the usual EFP discount. Make sure to update your date of birth before your big day and enjoy your beer present!

Is there a BrewDog app?

Yes, you can find their application on iOS or Android. Through the app, you can search BrewDog's network of over 60 bars, access discount cards, find what beers are being served, food available, or opening hours of the BrewDog bars. Also, Equity Punks enjoy the benefit of a bar discount, so if a member logs in to the app and presents a secure QR code to the staff, the code applies a discount of up to 25% off their final bill.

Other Sign Up Offers

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