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About Proto-col

Proto-col is a brand that provides collagen products with an approach to wellness and beauty. The company was founded by James Greenwell in 2003. James, an elite athlete, tore his tendon in the course of the international modern pentathlon. Collagen was instrumental in his recovery. And after he retired, he sought to launch the brand with a collagen supplement. The company uses science to guide the development and research of the products not to forget innovation.

As a result, Protocol has a range of products including beauty supplements, wellbeing and skincare products. Whether you have been looking for functional moisturizers, serums, joint supplements and even collagen drinks, check out the variety available at Proto-col. All products are not only packed with collagen but also essential minerals and vitamins.

Proto-col FAQs

Why should I purchase Proto-col products?

Collagen, being an essential skin protein keeps the body springy, firm and supple. It is found in the skin, connective tissues, nails, blood vessels and even muscles and is vital for joint health, tissue repair and cell regeneration. And given that the rate of collagen production decreases as we age, supplementation is important to maintain normal body repair.

What are the signs that I need to start using Proto-col products?

If you notice that you are starting to have saggy skin, weak nails, joint issues, cellulite and slow skin recovery, then you need to incorporate Proto-col products in your regime. 

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