How to claim your NOMO discount code

  • Copy your free NOMO discount code.
  • Head over to the NOMO website and add the items that you want to your cart and checkout.
  • Paste your free NOMO discount code on the discount code box and apply.
  • Enter your personal details, shipping address and choose the preferred payment method to complete your order.

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About NOMO

NOMO is a brand that provides vegan bars. The company was created by Kinnerton Confectionery in 1999. Kinnerton decided to invest in a brand that will provide nut-free chocolate. NOMO is carefully crafted in the UK and uses ethically sourced cocoa from Africa. And by using a plant-based substitute in place for milk chocolate, you can now enjoy bars that are free from gluten, nuts, dairy and eggs. The brand also uses high allergen management standards at all times, ensuring that you no longer worry about your allergens with every bite.

NOMO has different types of bars. All the bars are not only tasty but also dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free and gluten-free. Shop the range of caramel chocolate, fruit & crunch chocolate, caramel & sea salt chocolate, creamy chocolate, hazelnut chocolate and dark chocolate bars at NOMO.


How does NOMO ensure that the bars are free from gluten, dairy, nuts and eggs?

The company goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure that all bars are free from the listed allergens. The process starts with the NOMO suppliers. All products sourced are free from allergens. The NOMO company also has a segregated part that is used to craft NOMO, not to forget the careful allergen management processes. 

What flavourings are used in NOMO bars?

NOMO uses natural flavourings in all bars. 

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