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How to claim your free Republic of Cats discount code

  • To claim your free Republic of Cats discount code, click the get discount code icon and copy your free discount code.
  • Head over to the Republic of Cats website and click the ‘Join Now’ icon.
  • Select the number of cats that you want catered to and fill in their basics including the name, gender and age. In the next step, fill in the activity estimation for the cat.
  • Fill in the gender, allergies and state whether the cat has any medical condition that requires support. Choose the preferred mix of wet and dry food and access the feeding plan made just for them.
  • Click the see price icon and confirm your purchases. Enter your email address and click the ‘Go to checkout’ icon.
  • Paste your free discount code in the discount code box and apply. Complete your order by entering your address and payment details.

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About Republic of Cats

Republic of Cats was founded by a team of 5 cat lovers to create a whole world for cats and cat owners. Starting with a meal on the table, the team realized that most cat foods were not tailored to any cat’s needs, hence the poor health, stunted growth and even diseases in most cats. By tailoring exactly what each cat needs and wants, the team has turned their dream into a reality. And now, cat lovers can get cat food that is catered to their cat’s needs, care needs and even preferences, making meal time their favourite once again!

Republic of Cats Delivery

Republic of Cats delivers in the UK apart from Northern Ireland. Your initial delivery should arrive 2-3 days after you make your order. For future deliveries, orders will be delivered on a regular schedule that is visible on your account. Recurrent orders will be made 2-3 days after payment. Please note that actual delivery times may vary with your location as well as stock availability. If you think your Republic of Cats order is missing, contact the team via

Republic of Cats Returns Policy

If you are not satisfied with your Republic of Cats order, please email the Republic of Cats team via email at Ensure you use the email address associated with the user account within 7 working days after delivery. The team will communicate on the next step. Also, ensure you take good care of the products while in procession. If a fault is agreed on the company’s part, you shall receive your refund within a reasonable period.

Republic of Cats FAQs

Can I increase my cat’s portions?

Cats have varying feeding habits. If you want to increase your cat’s portions, go to your account page right down your cat’s journey. Use the ‘Build up your box’ option to change your mix of dry and wet food.

My cat likes both dry and wet foods. Can I purchase both types?

Yes. Republic of Cats encourages a mixed feeding plan. If you want to either add the dry or wet foods to your box, head over to the account page. You can change your mix of dry and wet foods under the ‘Build your next order’ icon.

What do I do to avoid the monotony of cat food flavours?

You can switch your Republic of Cats food flavour monthly. This ensures that no flavour goes out of fashion. And if your cat likes a specific flavour, maintain a steadfast selection and you will keep receiving exactly that.

Does Republic of Cats have a grain-free food range?

No. Currently, the company does not stock any grain-free food range. However, grain allergies are very rare in cats. In the future, Republic of Cats looks to cater to cats allergic to grains by providing grain-free recipes.

What are the meat derivatives used to make the Republic of Cats food range?

The company uses meat and meat derivatives such as kidneys, and hearts. The food also comprises minerals and vegetables. The wet food range is very nutritious, with a range of 195- 60% meat and derivative content.

Does Republic of Cats have food that caters to hypoallergenic cats?

Yes. However, all wet foods are not suitable for hypoallergenic cats. As such, ensure to choose the dry foods range.

How can I reach the Republic of Cats team?

You can contact Republic of Cats via email at or via WhatsApp at +447547796548. You can also use the contact form on the company’s website.

Republic of Cats Reviews

Republic of Cats has a 4.3 rating among 367 reviews on Trustpilot. The cats love the fantastic range of products and are very content with their food, especially the dry food range. 

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