How to claim your free Riverford voucher code?

  1. To claim your free Riverford voucher code, start by copying your free discount code.
  2. Proceed to the Riverford website and create your Riverford account.
  3. Add all the boxes you want to purchase to your basket.
  4. Paste your free voucher code in the empty voucher code box and apply.
  5. Finish your order by entering your shipping and payment information.

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About Riverford

Founded in 1987 by Guy Singh-Watson, Riverford is a company that was established to ensure the delivery of ethical and organic vegetables. The company has been growing its yields for over 30 years. By ordering your vegetables from Riverford, you are assured of organic produce given that food is never sprayed with artificial pesticides or fertilisers. With a mission to provide the best for the season, 80% of the produce is grown in the UK. Riverford packages its produce in home compostable packaging.  Also, the company has a no exploitation policy that ensures the farmers are fairly compensated.  

Riverford has various organic farms in Devon, Hampshire, Peterborough, France and Yorkshire. And due to the quality products, the company has received amazing awards including the Observer’s Ethical Product of the Decade as well as the Soil Association Best of the Organic Market (BOOM).

Riverford Delivery

Riverford delivers all over the UK at no extra charge. However, you need to meet the company’s minimum spend of £15. This should not be a worry if you are purchasing any of the boxes. However, if you are building your box, then you need to meet the £15 minimum order amount. Should you have any problems with deliveries such as delays, you can reach out to the Riverford team for assistance.

Riverford returns Policy

Riverford is committed to ensuring you get your order in the right condition. However, dealing with fresh produce can be difficult, and some issues can go unnoticed. If you have any issues with your delivered items, reach out to the Riverford farm via 01803 227 227. Alternatively, you can get in touch with your local veg team through the details on your Riverford page.

Riverford FAQs

What's in Riverford Veg boxes?

Riverford has several veg boxes from seasonal organic veg boxes, quick organic veg boxes, zero packaging and familiar favourites veg boxes. All these boxes contain varying seasonal products. For instance, what you get this week may differ from what’s available next week.

The small seasonal organic veg box contains Barbosa onions, courgettes, red peppers, potatoes, bunched carrots, pointed cabbage and tomatoes. The medium seasonal organic veg box contains onions, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, romano pepper, potatoes, bunched rainbow carrots, French beans and courgettes. The large seasonal organic veg box contains bunched carrots, broad beans, courgettes, true spinach, red pepper, baking potatoes, turnips, asparagus, summer greens and Batavia lettuce.

The small organic seasonal veg box costs £12.65, the medium £15.35 and the large £20.55.

The quick, zero packaging and familiar favourites organic veg boxes also have different kinds of organic and fresh vegetables.

Are Riverford Veg boxes organic?

Yes. Riverford is committed to providing organic vegetables. The company farms some of the produce and also sources from local farmers. All these products have no added chemicals.

Does Riverford offer Recipe Boxes?

Yes. Riverford offers recipe boxes. Exact quantities of organic ingredients are delivered including a quick step-by-step guide on how to cook meals from scratch. You have a wide variety of seasonal recipes weekly that are also suitable for vegetarian and vegan recipes. Among the recipe boxes available at Riverford are vegan, vegetarian, meat, prime cuts and family recipe boxes.

What if some items are missing from my order?

Riverford can make changes in your order due to yields or seasonal changes. As such, you should confirm the box contents after the delivery. If you notice that something is missing from your box, reach out to the Riverford team via 01803 227 227.

Can I switch my next delivery to another location?

Yes. You can change your delivery details by updating your delivery instructions. If you experience any issues, contact the team via 01803 227 227 or help@riverford.co.uk.

Why am I yet to receive my box?

It is normal to experience delivery delays. While this can be frustrating, some issues can occur which are beyond Riverford’s control. If you notice that the delivery of your box has been significantly delayed, contact the Riverford team.

I want to receive the small seasonal veg box every week. How do I set it for a regular order?

To make a specific order regular, choose the frequency you would like to receive the order. In this case, it would be weekly. Confirming this will secure the box for weekly deliveries. If you wish to make changes to your regular order, you can do so two days to the delivery day.

Where is Riverford farm?

Riverford has several farms. The original farm is called Wash Farm and is located in Devon. Other farms include Sacrewell Farm (Peterborough), Upper Norton Farm (Hampshire), Home Farm (Yorkshire) and Le Boutinard (France).

Which areas does Riverford deliver to?

Riverford delivers to most of the UK. You can confirm whether the company delivers to your area on their website.

How can I find out the contents of my next delivery?

Riverford will send an email alerting you of any changes to your box. The email will also detail all the contents of the box.

Will all contents in the box be delivered as per my order?

Riverford lists all the ingredients available for the next week. While this guides you in choosing your order, you may not get exactly what you ordered. This is because fresh organic produce can be unpredictable. What is expected to be available may be unavailable at the last minute due to issues such as crop damage and bad weather.  

Can I swap ingredients from my regular box?

Unfortunately, box contents are fixed and cannot be swapped. This is because Riverford plans all the boxes a year in advance, ensuring the prices are kept low, waste is minimized and maintaining commitment with organic farmers. However, you can pick three veg and fruits that you would like to avoid. If they cannot be excluded from the box, you can either swap or pause the boxes.

Riverford Reviews

Riverford has an excellent review of 4.9 on Trustpilot. Among the 10,818 customers who reviewed this company, the majority were happy with the products, customer service, work ethics and the wide selection, as well as the fair pricing. 

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